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Jingsui boat

Jingsui boat
ingsui professional shipbuilding enterprise.Mainly engaged in the production of the following products : amphibious boat, bass boat, Isuzu marine diesel engine, high-speed diesel engine, diesel boat sterndrive...[more]

Isuzu marine diesel engine

Isuzu marine diesel engine
Isuzu Marine Diesel Engine: It is a marine high-speed diesel engine jointly developed by the company of Jingsui and Isuzu (China) Engine Co., Ltd. This engine adopts in-line 4 cylinders and 8 valves... [more]

Electric outboard engine

Electric outboard engine
Jingsui electric outboard engine adopts permanent magnet synchronous water-cooled motor as driving power and Ferrous lithium phosphate power battery as power supply. The whole system is safe, reliable [more]

Amphibious boat

Amphibious boat
Jingsui aluminum alloy amphibious boat, known as rescue sharp knife, has a high degree of terrain adaptability and quick maneuverability of amphibious, and can run on many road conditions such as sand beach...[more]

E -power ship series

E -power ship series
Jingsui E-power Ship: With the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements and the implementation of mandatory emission reduction regulations around the world, Jingsui has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in energy saving and emission ...[more]

Emergency boat series

Emergency boat series
Jingsui independently researched and developed with independent intellectual property rights. Personalized design can be made according to customer requirements to meet different needs. Products include tourist ...[more]

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